The Däschle from VANTALE – the best toiletry bag for your RYGG

Unser Kulturbeutel beim Härtetest

What makes a toiletry bag the perfect camping toiletry bag?

  • Robust, water-repellent material
  • Practical hanging device
  • Secure closure
  • Compact format

Our VANTALE Däschle has all of these properties. But the most important requirement is missing from the list above - the best wash bag is the one that fits your RYGG perfectly. Luckily, the Däschle also meets this requirement.

We developed the Däschle so that you can save yourself the hassle of rearranging your cosmetic items on a camping trip in your van. Simply throw your toothbrush, shower gel, deodorant, creams and whatever else you need into the Däschle and off to the RYGG. You can easily hang the cord from the Däschle on one of your aluminum hooks. When you have to go to the campsite washroom, you just grab your hoodie and get started.

Camping toiletry bag

Our cosmetic bag is made from the same robust and water-repellent outdoor fabric as our RYGG storage bags. So if something should leak inside the Däschle, none of it will leak out. This also makes the Däschle a perfect storage option for damp swimwear. Conversely, nothing inside the wash bag gets wet if it gets damp from the outside.
So that you don't lose anything, we have equipped the Däschle with a zipper.

VANTALE Däschle is available in two different sizes and many different color combinations, so there is a suitable cosmetic bag for every van lifer.