Your back seat organizer RYGG – bring order to your camper

Dein Rücksitz Organizer RYGG – Bring Ordnung in deinen Camper

Your back seat organizer RYGG – bring order to your camper

Our practical storage system for the car seat - robust and colorful
There are already numerous things that are designed to make your life on the road in a car or camper more enjoyable and can help you keep order in the smallest of spaces and not lose track of things. The market offers various organization systems, utensils and organizers that, in our experience, are rather carelessly designed and/or do not deliver what they promise in terms of quality.

We have therefore dealt intensively with this topic and developed a storage system that is not only functional, but also looks good.

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RYGG camping storage system

The RYGG – Peter back seat bag from VANTALE: Practical, robust and elegant

The flexible back seat bag

Our lives are exciting, and that's how we designed our back seat bag for you. Whether it's family life with children, an adventure trip or a weekend trip - you have your things together. We haven't reinvented the wheel, but we have optimized it for you so that it adapts perfectly to your wishes and is also a visual highlight in the car, van or motorhome. The RYGG as a hanging utensil not only keeps order in minimalist everyday camper life or in exciting family life, but also exudes positive vibes. The back seat pocket also looks Instagrammable in every photo you take. This lays the foundation for your influencer career and you no longer have to waste time looking for important equipment such as a camera or selfie stick. :)

With the organizer we want to bring a feeling of order and coziness into your everyday van life, which quickly becomes chaotic if you don't pay close attention to order and just quickly put things away somewhere. It is also a matter of course for us that the materials are of high quality and will give you pleasure for a long time.

Camper storage space solution

The RYGG car seat organization system keeps your equipment together and looks good everywhere

Your organization system in the car

The baseplate, made of robust needle felt, forms the foundation of the rear seat utensils. It is equipped with a total of 18 push buttons on which the pockets can be arranged individually. It has the basic dimensions 58x42 cm.

The pockets are available in sizes large (22 x 18 x 6.5 cm), medium (22 x 9 x 4.5 cm) and small (9 x 8 x 3.5 cm).
The medium and large pockets are also lined with needle felt to increase stability.
Hooks and loops are available in different designs, and you can also arrange these anywhere on the base plate.
The stable baseplate retains its basic shape despite being fully loaded and does not wear out. There are hardly any limits when it comes to filling the individual pockets, be it for food, accessories, important documents, entertainment media or all the little things that you like to have at hand in everyday life. The back seat organizer can easily withstand a weight of around 10 kg distributed across the individual pockets and hooks.

The bags are made of coated, water-repellent polyester fabric, which is easy to clean.

The flexible snap fastener system also gives you the option of removing a bag at short notice and e.g. B. to take with you to the shower or to the beach as a wash bag. Rearranging the individual pockets and loops is also no problem, as the snap fastener system is specially designed so that all pockets still find their place on the baseplate, even if you rearrange them.

The entire utensil is easily attached to the seat of your car with two long, double cords using a toggle fastener. Even when the bags are full, turning the seat is no problem. Bags and hooks are also available separately from us - so you can make subsequent changes without having to buy a completely new utensil. Everything in the spirit of sustainability.

When designing your new back seat organizer, you can either be creative yourself or choose a RYGG that suits you from our existing and constantly growing range in the shop.

The specially developed configurator helps you keep an overview when designing and gives you a first impression of your individual product in advance. If you have any other ideas that the configurator doesn't cover: just talk to us - we're open to everything.

Do you have a camper that you have extensively converted yourself and therefore don't feel like having run-of-the-mill equipment in your van? No problem for us, just write to us or come by yourself, we will be happy to discuss the details with you and create an individual designer piece for you.

Home is not a place – it's a feeling

Whether traveling as a single nomad, as a family or as a couple, the same thing applies to everyone: order is half the battle! In a small space, this is even more important so that you feel as comfortable as possible on long journeys and even on short trips.

So that you no longer have to worry about where to put things and whether your new utensil will not harm your expensive camera by not holding its weight, we have created a beautiful, sustainable and long-lasting product for you , which really does what it promises and adapts perfectly to all the requirements of camper life.

No more road trips where you wonder where your sunglasses, ID card, charging cable, etc. have gone again. From now on, everything has its permanent place in your new back seat utensils.

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The RYGG storage system for the car seat is flexible and freely configurable.

Can also be used as a car bag for trips with children
When traveling with babies and small children, certain things need to be on hand immediately so that there is no bad mood and the little ones are happy on the go. With the RYGG as an organizer in the car, you are prepared for all situations and always have toys, snacks, drinking bottles, wet wipes and diapers within reach.

Made by us with love for you

The back seat organizer is manufactured by us in Munich-Giesing, the materials all come from Europe and have been carefully selected and tested for their resilience. If you would like to see the quality of the material for yourself in advance, come by and take a look around. Of course, we also offer the option of shipping domestically and internationally if you are not at home in Munich.