The RYGG as a storage system in the living room

Das RYGG als Aufbewahrungssystem im Wohnzimmer

The living room is probably the place in your apartment or house where you spend the most time. Whether you're single, a couple or a family with children - the living room is the heart of your home and serves as a meeting place for all roommates or a cozy place to sit together with friends. It is therefore all the more important that you and everyone feel comfortable there and that everyone can spend time there without tripping over other people's stuff lying around or constantly looking for the remote control, reading glasses, knitting needles or the new bestseller novel be.

As an organizer in the living area

The RYGG hanging utensil silo fits wonderfully into the overall look of your living room, helps to keep things tidy and is a visual design highlight in your home without appearing omnipresent or unintentionally standing out.   

  • Attach the RYGG next to the couch and use it for remote control storage, snacks, favorite DVDs, magazines and books.
  • Hang it in a corner where you like to do crafts and fill the pockets with embroidery thread, knitting needles, wool and scissors.
  • Use it in the living room as a place for letters and never forget any outstanding bills.
  • Attach it near the front door and use it for keys, sunglasses, hats and dog leashes.

The Utensilo is intended as a hanging organizer on the wall or on a cupboard so that no floor space is taken up, you can make optimal use of all areas in the apartment and you don't waste any storage space in the cupboard.

You can also use it to cover up unloved wall tattoos and never have to spend another day looking at a flower tendril, a dandelion or a profound quote.

Now to the shop

Material and assembly of the living room utensil

The base plate is made of sturdy needle felt, it forms the foundation of the utensil, so to speak, it is equipped with a total of 18 snap fasteners that are used to attach individual bags and hooks. It measures 42 x 58 cm in standard size. Here too, individual variations are always possible.

There are three different sizes of bags to choose from. Small, medium and large. The medium and large pockets are also lined with fleece on the inside to improve stability. The pockets are attached to the base plate using snap fasteners - this makes them easy to assemble and even after using the snap fasteners several times, they do not lose any of their original holding power.

You can rearrange the bags individually on the base plate again and again and use these new combinations to meet other requirements or simply bring variety into your life.

You also have the option of ordering other pockets and hooks to have different storage space as needed or to give the RYGG a different appearance.

You can also take the organizer with you when traveling so that it keeps the footwell in your car clean on road trips, so that you have everything within easy reach and the car doesn't drown in chaos.


The entire organizer is attached to a hook on the wall or a cupboard using a long cord provided. It is also possible to use the standard eyelets for attaching to the wall.

You can also use the cords to attach it in the car so that nothing slips and everything stays in its place.

The materials used are carefully selected and tested for functionality and, above all, durability. All parts of the utensil are wipeable and easy to clean. The high quality of the materials will ensure that you will enjoy the wall organizer for a long time and you will notice that even rearranging the individual pockets and hooks several times or occasionally using it as a car utensil silo on vacation will not cause any damage to the whole thing and the utensil silo will not lose any of its shape or stability becomes.


Your very own individual utensil

When choosing colors, you can either choose a ready-made RYGG from our ever-growing and varying shop or design a beautiful unique piece yourself - use the configurator and, for example, match the color of your organizer for the living room to your furniture or set accents with deliberately chosen ones Contrasts.

You also have a certain amount of leeway when choosing and arranging the bags. In the selection menu of the configurator you can always see exactly how much space a bag takes up and get an immediate impression of the final product you have designed yourself.

Now to the shop

How does your RYGG come to you?

We produce this beautiful product in the heart of Munich, in Giesing. So you are welcome to come to our workshop, choose a utensil on site or simply shop online from the comfort of your own home and we will send you yours  Your desired RYGG will be delivered to your home within a few working days.

If you have any questions about custom-made products because you have an idea for a place in your apartment that does not correspond to the standard sizes we offer or you simply want to get advice in advance about the material or color, you can contact us at any time by email or simply in advance Address location.