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Storage at the changing table - your RYGG according to your wishes

“There is a magic in every beginning..” This is proclaimed by numerous cards that you receive when a baby is born.

We have learned from experience:  However, there is also chaos inherent in this beginning.

With the new roommate comes a lot of new challenges as well as a lot of new items, all of which need the most useful space possible.

In order to have as much time as possible for your children and to waste as little time as necessary on tidying up and searching, a well-thought-out organization system for the changing table is extremely useful and makes everyday life with your small child easier.

We offer an individually designable and flexible system that impresses not only with careful material selection but also with attention to detail: the RYGG hanging utensil silo, handmade in Munich.

Possible uses of the changing table Utensilo

We offer the pockets for the organizer in three different sizes. Large 22 x 18 x 6.5 cm, Medium 22 x 9 x 4.5 cm and Small 9 x 8 x 3.5 cm. In addition, hooks and loops are offered that are very stable and can withstand around a kilo of load.

The utensil offers enough space and many options for designing the changing area as you wish:

  • • The hooks and loops can be used as holders for pacifiers or pacifier chains and to always have these helpers within reach
  • • the Small Pocket is well suited for smaller accessories, such as nail scissors or hairbrushes
  • • The medium pocket has space for creams and wet wipes or even smaller toys to keep baby happy
  • • the Large Pocket is the perfect size for diapers or changing mats; There is also enough space for cloth diapers here

The pockets in sizes M and L are also reinforced with fleece on the inside and therefore offer a firmer stand for baby oil bottles, for example.

If your requirements for the utensil change, you can simply reorganize it by moving the pockets or order additional pockets, hooks or loops.

This also corresponds to our sustainability approach - don't just throw things away and buy new ones, but adapt existing things to new circumstances through small changes.

Individual design of your storage solution

The color of the RYGG can of course also be adapted to the children's room furnishings. Either choose one of the ready-made models from our shop or design your very own utensil silo with the help of the configurator and make your utensil silo a very special one-of-a-kind and the changing area a visual highlight in the children's room.

Thanks to the flexible press-stud system, the individual bags can be ordered individually  and can also be removed individually. They also serve as practical companions on short trips, for example.
Of course, the entire organizer can also be removed from the wall and attached to the car seat using the cords provided. This means you won't be missing any of the important things you need when traveling or on vacation; The risk of forgetting something is reduced, no time is lost due to repacking and the baby's needs are met as usual, even on the go.

The utensil is not only an excellent eye-catcher and practical supporter in everyday life in your child's children's room, it can also be an excellent and useful gift for other parents.

Attaching the changing table utensil

The ability to attach the organizer to the wall or cupboard next to the changing area has the advantage that the baby's freedom of movement on the changing table is not restricted and that all things that are not intended for children's hands are out of the child's reach. Possible  This minimizes sources of danger and yet everything is immediately within reach for parents.

The RYGG can either be hung up using the cord or the existing eyelets are used in combination with nails for fastening. 
The water-repellent material also allows it to be installed next to a changing area in the bathroom; High humidity or splashing water do no damage to the utensil and it retains its shape and does not lose any of its stability.

Sustainable materials - only the best for your baby

The materials used are all very high quality and therefore durable and sustainable. They will be able to accompany you and your child for years: after the changing phase has been successfully completed, the changing table utensil silo can simply take on a new role as a car/camper utensil silo or remain as an accessory in the children's room and encourage the children to keep things tidy and, for example, as a storage option for cuddly toys, Books or craft materials can be used.

The baseplate of the RYGGS is made of a firm and dimensionally stable needle fleece, the individual pockets are made of coated polyester fabric and are therefore water and dirt repellent and also easy to clean. The eyelets and snap fasteners used are firmly attached and do not loosen even after long use.

All corners are rounded and the pockets have no sharp edges, so there is no risk of injury if the RYGG is later freely accessible to the child in the children's room.

You can find detailed information about the material used here

Material selection and installation

All materials are carefully selected,  Made in Europe and tested by us for durability and of course usability. Thanks to the coating, the bags are easy to clean and do not require any special care.

The RYGG is best installed as a hanging utensil silo close to your workplace. You can easily attach it to a hook with the included cords or use the prefabricated, sturdy eyelets for mounting.

You also have the option of using the utensil with the included cords as a car organizer when you go on vacation.

Re-think and reuse instead of just throwing away and buying new.


Made in Munich, but not just intended for Munich children - we send our organizer well packaged at home and abroad; But he can also do it directly  can be picked up from us in Giesing.

If you have any further questions or if you have very specific requests, just contact us - we are  always open to further ideas and suggestions and we look forward to a message or a visit from you.