Storage systems in the home - the RYGG as an all-round utensil silo

The RYGG system as a storage system

A little red-haired Munich goblin, also known by the name Pumuckl, once said “Searching is a fine activity for people!” You can either leave it that way or see it like Master Eder. Then you “don’t have time to search.”
We see this in a similar way to Master Eder and have thought about order in everyday life, be it in the van or in everyday life at home, and have developed a product that enriches your life in many situations and also visually wonderfully fits into the overall picture:

The RYGG [ryg; Noun; Swedish: back], a hanging organizer that impresses with its high-quality material selection and attention to detail.

Bring the RYGG into your camper or home and give the expression “I have back” a whole new meaning.


The organizer for your home

Variable, sustainable and useful, no matter where.

The RYGG system as an organization system in the office

In the office, especially on the desk, chaos quickly reigns, but this can be avoided with clever filing systems. Of course, it's even better if this storage system is not on your desk, but next to your desk - the RYGG can easily be attached to the wall or a cupboard next to the table. Your utensils such as scissors, staplers, etc. are always at hand and invoices stored there are no longer overlooked.

The RYGG design organizes every situation in life

Handmade in Munich

We manufacture your RYGG in our workshop in Munich-Obergiesing.

The RYGG for storage in the living room

The hanging utensil can be used as a beautiful eye-catcher in the living area. Be it for storing handicraft accessories, the remote control or your favorite book. Your most important things are always close by  and here too you have everything at hand and no mess disturbs the chi of your apartment. You can adapt the color to your interior thanks to the option of individual design.