The double seat organizer for the van – DOUBLE SEAT RYGG

The double seat organizer for the van:

We have developed the ideal companion for your road trips.
Our double seat organizer fits perfectly on any double seat bench.

The double seat hanging organizer DOUBLE SEAT RYGG was made for you and your adventures. Handmade with love in Munich, Germany.
Make use of the free space behind your double seat. You can change the positions of the individual modules individually.
Double seat storage space from Vantale


Use the back of the front bench on your bus. You decide what your organizer looks like:
Double seat organizer van

More storage space for your travel essentials

Use the back of the front bench on your bus. You decide what your organizer looks like:


More storage space

Our double seat organizer offers you more storage space than other comparable storage systems.

Safe storage

Each bag has a cord, a toggle button and an inner felt reinforcement for stability.

The RYGG is variable

You are completely free to decide which modules you attach to the base plate and can change their position at any time.

Turning the seat is no problem

You can easily rotate rotating double seats, even when our hanging organizer is installed.

Hand made

We produce every double-seat RYGG and everything that goes with it in our own workshop in Munich.


Strong and robust felt for the base plate

The base of your double seat organizer can support the weight of your gear without deforming. Nevertheless, our base plate looks homely and not stiff or uncomfortable. You can easily clean the felt, it does not absorb moisture and dries quickly.

Snap fasteners with the highest closing force

All of our modules are attached to the base plate using snap fasteners. Even fully loaded bags stay in place because we use special snap fasteners with particularly high closing strength.

Robust outer and inner fabric

Our pockets are made from durable and easy-to-clean OXFORD® outdoor fabric.


The RYGG modules can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If you have stubborn dirt, you can put the pockets in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.


Width: 72cm
Height: 58cm

Create your own double seat RYGG now!

Create your own double seat RYGG now!

Double seat RYGG - Sofia