Are custom-made RYGG base plates possible?

Unfortunately not anymore, only in rare cases.

Since we no longer store our raw materials in the workshop, we can no longer accept custom-made base plates.

One of our many prefabricated base plate formats is sure to fit and there is also our Directly Kit .

Are your own color combinations of the pockets and modules possible?

Absolutely! Use our Pocket Modifier to create your own color combination.

Will the RYGG fit in my camper van?

Regardless of whether it is a car seat with or without a headrest or a free space on the wall or built-in furniture :
Yes, there is a suitable location for a RYGG in every vehicle.

I have a pilot seat with integrated neck rests.
Can I install the RYGG there too?

Yes! We have developed special shoulder pads so that the RYGG can be easily attached to seats with integrated neck supports.
For panel vans like Ducato & Co., we even have a special Captain Chair base plate .

Can I still rotate my seat with RYGG installed?

Yes, the RYGG is slim enough to prevent your seat from rotating, provided there are no additional built-in pieces of furniture or similar in the way.

Can I also attach the RYGG to a car seat?

Yes you can.
Since there is usually less space under the seat in a car than in a camper (because the passengers' feet also need space), make sure that you position large bags higher up.

You can find an example here .

Doesn't the fastening cord get in the way when you're sitting while driving?

It can be guided around the seat so that it is not noticeable while sitting.

How much weight can the RYGG carry?

The modules carry approx. 0.7 kg per push button.
Nevertheless, the entire RYGG should not be loaded with more than 10 kg in the long term.

During our tests, the RYGG even carried a load of 30 kg, but the material and not least your car seat are affected by excessive pressure and high tension.

What is the best way to clean the RYGG?

In most cases it is enough to let the dirt dry and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

If they are more dirty, the bags can be cleaned in the washing machine (gentle cycle at 30° C) and then dried in the tumble dryer.

However, the base plate should only be brushed and not kept under water.

Ordering and shipping

I put together an RYGG in the configurator.
Now I would like to order more items, but I have already landed in the checkout process.
Do I have to pay the shipping costs again for the second order?

Of course not.

The RYGG configurator is an independent shop and therefore you can only order one RYGG. If you then order another RYGG or order an item from the Vantale shop and shipping costs are incurred, we will refund them within 72 hours.

This means we deliver all your items in a single shipment.
To be on the safe side, please contact us after placing your orders.

What payment options do you offer?

In the online shop you can pay by PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, in our shop you can pay in cash or by debit or credit card.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We reserve the right to allow up to 3-4 weeks to produce custom items and ship your order because we make everything for you by hand. The current processing time per order for the standard models is currently 3 to 7 days and we hand this over to the shipping service provider no later than 72 hours (on weekends or public holidays) after receipt of the order.

More information about shipping costs and worldwide delivery times

Can I also pick up my order directly from you?

When ordering, please specify in-store pickup as your shipping option and then bring your order printed or digitally with you.

Please also note our opening times or arrange an appointment for collection.

Can I exchange the RYGG?

If you don't like the color of your RYGG or don't meet your needs, we'll be happy to exchange it or refund you the full purchase price.
The prerequisite for this is that the goods arrive back at us unused and undamaged and that it is not a custom-made product (pocket modifier, etc.).
You must bear the costs for return shipping.

Orders from Switzerland

If your billing address and/or shipping address is in Switzerland, please use the code TAX_FREE_EXPORT at checkout. A tax-free export delivery is created in our system and German VAT is deducted.
Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to change the invoice and refund the VAT afterwards.


Is the Kompanja wooden plate included with the Kompanja RYGG?

No, the panel is permanently installed in the Kompanja van (unless the variant with two cabinets in the rear area was selected).

I would like to order a RYGG for my Kompanja.
Who is installing this?

If you have already received your Kompanja, you will need to install it.
If your bus has yet to be delivered, we will send the RYGG to Kompanja in Brühl.
It will then be installed there until it is handed over.


I want to give a VANTALE product as a gift and don't want to commit to a color.
Can I order a voucher for your shop?

We have a beautiful voucher in a handmade case for you.

Do you also offer discounted items such as discontinued models, second-choice goods or exhibition pieces?

Yes, feel free to take a look around our sale area .

Can you send me color samples of your fabrics?

So far we have not yet developed a suitable system for color or fabric samples.
If you absolutely need one or more color samples from us, please write to us.

I have a question that hasn't already been answered here.
Whom can I contact?

You can find all the options for contacting us here .

We look forward to your message!