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Wall-RYGG installed appropriately on the Kompanja

Kompanja offers clever and homely converted camper vans (Renault Trafic). The simple design and functionality leave nothing to be desired. In the factory in Brühl near Cologne, the Kompanja team produces its vans according to customer requirements with a lot of love and handwork and has achieved a high level of recognition since it was founded in 2016.

We at VANTALE are happy to be on board and look forward to everything that comes next.

More information about the Kompanja expansions can be found at www.kompanja.de

Source Kompanja: You have never seen a camper van like this. We started all over again and then just didn't stop. Our expansion concept questions what is common and for good reason. Cozier beds, more to take with you, less rearranging, quicker conversion and always feel at home when you're on the go.

From now on, Kompanja customers can order their own RYGG from us.

The online configurator for the Kompanja-RYGG is already online.

If you have any questions about Kompanja-RYGG, please let us know by phone or email .

Pay out

Our RYGG has found its own place in the Kompanja camper van.

We are very happy about this collaboration because Kompanja and VANTALE work according to the same standards:

Simplicity and functionality.

The RYGG in the Kompanja van is just as practical as our single-seat RYGG: items that should often be quickly at hand when camping are easily accessible and can be stowed away again immediately.

The Kompanja-RYGG has a modular structure: the individual components are available in many sizes and colors and can be arranged individually on the base plate.

The RYGG is robust and always looks like it did on the first day.

All of our modules have to withstand a lot, so we work with an abrasion-resistant and water-repellent outdoor fabric called OXFORD®, cords made of paracord TYPE III and create everything by hand in our workshop in Munich-Giesing.

View through the trunk towards the installed Kompanja-RYGG
Product photo Kompanja-RYGG - model Herbert