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Office organization system

How many world-changing ideas have vanished into thin air and been simply forgotten because the saving pen or notepad was missing?!

So that this doesn't happen to you, so that the Nobel Prize doesn't slip through your fingers so easily and you don't waste your life on a boring job, we have the right solution for you to counteract the chaos on your desk. We'll help you with that  Always have everything at hand:

With the RYGG, a utensil that is as flexible and individual as your needs and adapts to all your professional requirements as you need it.

• You need office supplies such as hole punches, staplers, staples..  However, you will lose space on your worktop

• You use different brushes and colors, but lose track when they end up in the drawer.

• You need a place to put your mail, but you're afraid you'll forget it if it ends up in some bin.

• You have a very special favorite pen for signatures, but you always can't find it straight away in the chaos of your drawers.

• You need nourishment every now and then, but your strained patience no longer allows you to search for long.

With your new RYGG as a hanging utensil in the office and/or your studio, these scenarios are now a thing of the past.

Desk organization: Clean room, clean mind

The RYGG is an individually designed hanging utensil that can be matched in color to your office and therefore fits beautifully into your home office. Your most important utensils are always within your sight and reach - this saves you a lot of time in your already stressful working life.

It is a practical helper in everyday working life and helps you avoid creating desk clutter or even losing valuable space on the worktop by trying to manage the chaos with small boxes and various shelves and thus just cluttering up the entire work surface.

Get the RYGG that's right for you now and don't waste another second of your precious life looking for something that was just here:

The RYGG as the perfect organizer in your office or studio.

Until the end product is now offered, the organizer has already undergone many tests, has been optimized again and again and we fully support this product, which can be designed as individually as your life needs.

The RYGG as an office filing system

Choose a ready-made utensil designed by us from our ever-growing range in the online shop or put together your own RYGG using our specially designed configurator and adapt it precisely to your individual wishes and work needs.

The baseplate, which determines the basic shape of the organizer, is made of a robust needle-punched fleece and retains its shape even when the individual pockets are fully loaded. The standard size of this plate is 42 x 58 cm. Here you can also choose from other sizes offered in the shop or make specific requests regarding the dimensions of the baseplate directly to us.

The RYGG pockets, made of coated polyester fabric, are made in different sizes and have the dimensions:

Small 9 x 8 x 3.5cm; Medium 22 x 9 x 4.5 cm and Large 22 x 18 x 6.5 cm.

You can arrange these bags as you wish or rearrange them as your needs change and reorganize the entire utensil - even buy new bags - no problem.

In addition to the pockets, hooks and loops are also available, which are ideal for hanging small objects such as your glasses, scissors, etc. Like the pockets, these can also be rearranged flexibly and can also be reordered individually.

The hooks and pockets are fastened with sturdy snap fasteners, which do not lose their strength even after being opened and closed several times when changing pockets.

Manufacturing and shipping

The RYGG is produced in Munich Giesing - to see for yourself how carefully and with attention to detail it is handcrafted here, please come and see us.

You always have the option to contact us if you have any questions regarding special dimensions or for support and advice when choosing colors. Write an email, call or come by. Together we will find a suitable solution for your specific requirements.

You can of course also pick up your finished RYGG on site at our workshop or you can simply order it online and we will send the good piece safely packaged to your home.

Material selection and installation

All materials are carefully selected,  Made in Europe and tested by us for durability and of course usability. Thanks to the coating, the bags are easy to clean and do not require any special care.

The RYGG is best installed as a hanging utensil silo close to your workplace. You can easily attach it to a hook with the included cords or use the prefabricated, sturdy eyelets for mounting.

You also have the option of using the utensil with the included cords as a car organizer when you go on vacation.

Re-think and re-use instead of just throwing away and buying new.