Traveling in the van. This is part of it for us!
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How do you write your van stories?

On the bike

The bus is parked, it is already dark. Now we have to cook dinner because tomorrow you need strength for the bike tour. Where are we going? Mountains? Flatland along the river? It doesn't matter, you go out and explore the area, new territory.
Everything flows – next to you and within you. It's good that you're also prepared for the situations you'll talk about later around the campfire.
“I got a flat tire and had to push the bike for two hours to get to the next phone.
Oh, then I walked to the camper, it was nice, I saw a lot, but from now on I always take repair kit with me.”
The best way to do this is with our WRAP BAG .

Off through the neighborhood

On the bike you are flexible, spontaneous and adventurous.
“Where are we going? “Come on, let’s explore.”
You continue back into the city along narrow streets and open country roads, not far from your parked van.
Pedaling all day.
Sometimes fast, sometimes driven by the tailwind.
Cycling makes you thirsty and hungry - a whole day in the fresh air. How nice it would be if you could quickly remove your handlebar bag from your bike and not always have to look after your bike and carry it with you to the restaurant or the cute shop as a shoulder bag.
That works.
Here is our BRYGG .


... dancing in the market square.

“Hey tomorrow there is apparently a concert with local music on the market square here in this village. We could take a look at it, what do you think? Dancing a bit?”
It's starting. New culture, new tastes, try everything at the many food stands. Nice conversations with the partying locals, with hands and feet, enjoying life.
A lot taken away from this evening, but only in your head. You had everything with you to experience it.
This is our STRAWANZER .