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Vantale insiders are not looking. You enjoy every second of pure vanlife.

How much more valuable time do you want to spend looking for the charging cable or your sunglasses in the motorhome? And haven't you always dreamed of turning your van into a high-quality and cozy living room on wheels?

If you want Vans to be cozy and modern, you've come to the right place. Because we are Vantale - the insider tip among vanlife insiders!

You can't buy any funny RV gadgets from us. We have unique camper accessories . The feeling of freedom. Order. Design. Your very personal touch. Our stylish motorhome accessories create order. Keeps track of things. And looks good. For you, true to the motto: Look for adventure, not your equipment!


Become a Vantale insider - your motorhome accessories nearby . Because we are always just a few clicks away from you...

Enthusiastic Vantale users write about our motorhome accessories:

"(...) Well-thought-out, well-made and extremely stylish storage series for vans, cars and anywhere you need to stow stuff - without any hassle. Forget the run-of-the-mill solutions from Amazon & Co, here it's colorful, personal, local and well-made. Great team!!!"

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Backseat Organizer - Vans should be tidy...

How can I make optimal use of the space in the motorhome? Which furnishings can I use to give the camper interior a stylish, casual and practical character with a personal touch?

Questions that you have probably already asked yourself and to which Vantale insiders have long since found the answer with our cool back seat organizers:


“I'm totally thrilled, I have a small motorhome and now have more storage options for small things like glasses, tissues, dog dishes, etc.”


“We are very excited. Beautiful colors, great high quality material and really well made. Our bus has now become even more comfortable and the small parts have found a nice place.”

We at Vantale - your local motorhome accessories shop (always just a few clicks away) - combine attractive and casual design with high-quality workmanship, your very personal touch and camper storage space that you have always wanted. Which backseat organizer will be your companion on your next adventure?

Motorhome accessories - Vantale

Our Pockets - Everybody's Darling is the upgrade for your van life

Our pockets are the basic equipment for your motorhome if you finally want to enjoy your time in your rolling home to the fullest.

Pockets are part of van life like the sunset is part of a vacation. It's possible without it, but it's nicer with it, as our enthusiastic customers report:

“We are super excited about the design, texture and workmanship!! Stylish companion and little storage miracle that suits us very well!”

Pockets are not unnecessary luxury camping accessories , but rather an upgrade for your caravan interior design . Your top-class camping gadget. Are you still living in chaos or are you enjoying your trips nicely?

Discover our pockets for your camper

Camper accessories - Vans should be comfortable

The demands on stylish motorhome accessories are high. The focus is on safety, functionality, sustainability, quality and comfort. We combine these components in all of our camper accessories and caravan accessories .

Vans should be comfortable. Not just a slogan, but an attitude to life, which we make possible for you with our designer motorhome accessories . High-quality design meets safety, functionality meets sustainability. Decide for yourself whether your next trip will be comfortable and Instagrammable or uncomfortably chaotic.

Motorhome accessories - Vantale

Vans should become livable: Clever storage space ideas for your motorhome

Would you like to make the most of the limited space in your camper and are you looking for practical storage space ideas?

Browse through our clever solutions for sustainable motorhome accessories and exceptional caravan accessories . Get the most out of your living room on wheels and give your camper a cool and practical interior.

The most important rule for more storage space in a motorhome is: use the vertical surfaces and useful van accessories without any frills.

With this checklist for the best motorhome accessories for more storage space, you can finally bring order to your rolling home:

  • Backseat organizer for vans: A backseat organizer for campers is a practical and space-saving solution to ensure order and safety. Small items such as charging cables, dog leashes, toys, books, sunscreen or small bottles find their place, are always within reach and do not fly uncontrollably through the van even while driving. Another advantage of the back seat organizer: It does not require any space on the wall, is particularly easy to attach and rotating the seat is also possible with our back seat organizers!
  • Wall organizers for motorhomes (no drilling required): Wall organizers take up space that would normally remain unused and are therefore the perfect storage solution for campers. Screw or drill: The choice is yours, because you can attach our wall organizers without drilling!
  • Small storage systems for campers: How often have you looked for your cell phone in the camper? The sunglasses? The flashlight? With our smart pockets you have the ideal storage solution for your van, because the space-saving storage systems for your motorhome create order even in the smallest of spaces.
  • Camping laundry collector: A must-have for van life. With a camping laundry hamper you can keep your van clean and with our stylish models your living room on wheels will still look cozy - for that home feeling when you travel.
  • Kitchen roll holder for the caravan: There are special caravan gadgets that no one wants to be without and our kitchen roll holder for your van is one of them. No more unwinding while driving thanks to the felt base. Practical, stylish and soon part of your van life?

Are you looking for designer accessories for your motorhome? Exclusive and unique van accessories? Whatever campervan accessories you are looking for: you've come to the right place! Because we are Vantale, your nearby motorhome accessories shop (always just a few clicks away).

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