We want to satisfy your VANWEH a little in times of Corona and bring the distance to your home via video wallpaper.
Given the current situation and the associated exit restrictions, we want to give you something from the distance that many of us need so much right now.
That's why we've put together a handful of video wallpapers for you that we took on our road trips through the Alps.
The first videos were created on a whim, and over time the side project VINDORA emerged.
There is now an app for Apple TV and iOS with all videos in an endless loop.
All videos were shot by us.
More information at
Have fun!

Videos with a length of 60 minutes and in a loop

Riffelsee - Zermatt
Oeschinensee - Kandersteg
Grindjisee - Zermatt

Videos with a length of 10 minutes and in a loop

Spiegelsee – Ramsau
Oeschinensee - Kandersteg
Lower Gaisalpsee – Allgäu
Schönsee - Allgäu
Hintersee - Ramsau (Bavaria)
Stelisee - Zermatt
Walchensee - Urfeld
Walchensee - Jachenau
Seebensee – Ehrwald
Geroldsee – Krün
Oeschinensee - Kandersteg
Oeschinensee - Kandersteg